“July 2016 I came across a commercial for wirelign and the next day I decided to send an email to Dr. Cassalia. He responded promptly! I let him know that I was in a time crunch since my wedding was in October and needed my front teeth fixed quick !!! After sending him pictures of my teeth and talking some more, I made my appointment. Dr Ben and his staff were unbelievable. They could tell how stressed I was with my upcoming wedding and went out of their way to stay late or to squeeze me in just so I could be seen. After getting the wire on, I literally saw results in less than 24 hrs. I couldn’t believe it !! I was sending pictures to all my friends and couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. I am so thankful for Dr Ben!!!!! I felt so confident in my wedding photos and still feel so confident today. I highly recommend wirelign. The cost was beyond reasonable for the results I saw in less than 3 months. I couldn’t be happier ! Thank you again, Dr. Ben and staff!!!”

Angela P.

“Stumbling across the Wirelign procedure on the internet was a win in my book. Being in my twenties, I didn’t want braces. Invisalign was too much. I really only had one bottom tooth that seemed to be shifting back and back as time went on. Although I got into an argument with my Mom over the pictures on the website, I had to make an appointment with Dr. Ben to see what it was all about. My mom was convinced I was getting wires somehow implanted in my teeth, but I knew it was something way less invasive. After meeting Dr. Ben and his staff I knew this was going to be a great experience. As expected, the wires do not go through your teeth, they are placed on the outside and you don’t even realize they are there. My bottom tooth shifted so quick with great results. I even ended up tweeking my upper smile a bit as well. Funny, my Mom actually ended up doing the same after seeing my results, as skeptical as she was in the beginning. Not only would I recommend Wirelign to others, I recommend that whole office and it’s employees. They made every appointment personable, pleasant, and easy. Love the whole crew, Thanks again!”

Gina T.

“Dr. Cassalia’s LingualWirelign is awesome! I was very self conscious about my teeth and smile, but being in my early 20’s I didn’t want the look of braces. The thin wire on the back of my teeth was comfortable to wear and didn’t affect my speech at all. I also couldn’t believe how quick my teeth moved. Everything was done in just a year. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Cassalia and his LingualWirelign.”

Mary M.

“Things are going great, I really like these wires. They are truly a game changer.”

Dr. Lisa B.

“Dr. C, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your process to straighten my teeth. I was so self-conscious previously. Now, I am so happy with them being straight! And, the process was less than a year, not costly, and very little discomfort. I am your biggest fan now and will spread the words to others. Thank you for making such a difference in my life!”

Cathleen S.

“This practice is as good as it gets. Dr. Cassalia has invented a great technique that is far better than invasalign and offers the same results. I didn’t want to get invasalign due to the expense and the frustration of having to deal with trays that I was skeptical that I would use. I decided to try Dr. Cassalia’s Wirelign technique and my teeth are almost fully straightened and it has only been a couple of months! My dentist, a reputable dentist in center city philadelphia, was amazed by the results. I am pleased to recommend this practice and technique to anyone that is considering it. I commute from center city philadelphia for my treatments and it is well worth it!”

Gwendolyn P.

“Couldn’t be happier with Dr. Cassalia and his entire team. I never had braces and was unhappy with my smile. They fixed it easily and best of all nobody even knew!!! Both of my kids love the staff and have had excellent results at an extremely reasonable expense. I highly recommend you give them an opportunity to care for your family.”

Kimberlie D.

“As someone who never had braces as a child, I saw my future teeth through the mouths of my parents and desperately did not want my teeth to become crooked with age.  Unfortunately, as time passed, kids orthodontics later, my teeth were way beyond what I thought was repairable without a full set of braces.  I had looked extensively into Invisalign for over 3 years, never wanting to commit to the expense or the so-called “invisible” look that never really was invisible, so I gave up and limited my smile being completely self-conscious and always admiring the perfectly straight teeth of others. I fortunately came upon a full-page ad from Dr. Cassalia’s practice and was amazed there was even something available that really was completely invisible.  Honestly, I put it aside thinking it was too good to be true, but when I saw another ad the following month, I knew I had to look further into it.  Upon searching his website and seeing the before and after shots, I literally had to set myself up for disappointment because I was sure this was only for the slightly crooked tooth, but when he advertised a free consultation… how could I say no.  Jump ahead, I am now into month my 10th month and my teeth are completely straight! It’s amazing how fast this process is. My teeth were actually pretty straight 3 months in, but Dr. Cassalia has spent much time in tweaking the perfect smile to fit my jaw-line and face which I appreciate. I cannot say enough about Dr. Cassalia and his extremely friendly staff. They are more than experienced on this procedure and more than accommodating on making me feel the most comfortable. This experience has been so easy that I’ve recommended this procedure to several of my friends and would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat.”

Marianne I.

“To Whom It May Benefit: Listen… I’m a Philly guy but have lived out of the area most of my life. And for most of my life, I had a crooked tooth that was noticeable (mostly) to me when I smiled. Living away, I get Philly Magazine to read over the years. So I stumble across this ad for this innovative, simple process from Dr. Ben. So I email him & he returns the email within hours & asks me to send him some “some smile pictures” which I promptly did noting that I have an implant from a baseball (to the mouth… Ouch!) injury. Dr. Ben reviewed my information said he could help me… So being out of state, Dr. Ben said next time I was in the area to let him know & he would get me in for an appointment. Within days I was there & excited to start the process. I was happy it was generously covered by insurance. To be perfectly honest, I have never met a more accomadating, friendly & personal group of professionals IN MY LIFETIME! And that goes beyond denistry, orthodontics, physicans, etc. I’m talking about any type of business!!! This group is simply THE BEST!!! Period. They changed appointment times because I was caught in traffic, took me in when I was early, etc., etc.. The process was pain free, quick & reasonably priced & much less than braces which I did not want. It was amazing how quickly this “happened” for me!!! I couldn’t be more happy! I am truly ESTATIC!!! with the results! Believe me, I am not a paid or discounted endorser… I am a thankful patient who wants to share a truly amazing “hospitality experience” with everyone! Just a few notes: – My degree in in Hospitality from UNLV. – I am a over 35 year of the hospitality industry. And, by the way… I drove in for my 3/4 week appointments from…. Mystic, Connecticutt!!! Thank you! This is the best gift I thought I could give all of you!!! Best Regards Always!!!”

Gerry N.