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LingualWirelign® is an orthodontic procedure that straightens teeth invisibly without the use of braces or removable aligners.  It is the first lingual (behind the teeth) orthodontic treatment modality that incorporates aesthetics, efficiency, and most importantly comfort during the alignment process.  The combination of the super-elastic properties of nickel titanium wires and the innovative approach of bonding these wires directly to the teeth makes the LingualWirelign® Procedure unique compared to other forms of orthodontic treatment. The LingualWirelign® procedure was developed by Dr. Benjamin A. Cassalia, who continues to develop and perfect the applications of this procedure.  These developments include the development of the patent pending Prowire™ System which improves treatment outcomes of the LingualWirelign® Procedure as well as other forms of aesthetic orthodontic treatment. The ProWire™ System will soon be available to a provider near you.

Shortly after graduating from Temple University’s orthodontic program, Dr. Cassalia began a quest to enhance the smiles and lives of patients through an innovative approach. It became evident that although the practice of orthodontics had made dramatic advances in technology, comfort and aesthetics, the current treatment modalities available were not attractive to a good portion of the population. The available forms of aesthetic or virtually invisible treatment entailed compromises.

Lingual braces, which are placed behind the teeth, were not only difficult for the orthodontist to master, but very costly and involved an extensive adjustment period with comfort and speech for the patient. Ceramic or tooth colored braces were not as unnoticeable as they claimed to be. Clear aligner therapy required patient compliance and unsightly attachments or buttons to make improvements in tooth movement. Even still, certain tooth movements were difficult to achieve.

Dr. Cassalia himself experienced slight relapse after his orthodontic treatment and was faced with the decision as to which treatment modality to use for just one tooth. While pondering his dilemma, a concept was born: placing and activating wires directly to the teeth to cause movement. A simple concept, but would it work?

After a few clinical trials and applying this concept to a few candidates including himself, Dr. Cassalia found that his idea worked and produced excellent results. The procedure effectively moves teeth, while being completely invisible (since wires are placed behind the teeth), and most importantly it is significantly more comfortable than other options.

An orthodontic treatment concept like no other has evolved. Patients can now benefit from an orthodontic procedure that goes relatively unnoticed by the patient and, more importantly, by the observer.

The titles LingualWirelign® and Wirelign® were established to identify the work and expertise that was put into this unique procedure, clinically termed as an “active lingual bond”.